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Script Coaching

Gloworm Film lets writers shine

Gloworm Film offers script coaching, script consulting and script editing for film, theatre and television projects.

Esther Wouda is a skilled script consultant and script editor with 10+ years of experience working with the Oscar®-winning producer of Antonia's Line and many other international producers, directors and writers.

Gloworm Film is Esther's script coaching company, offering different packages of script advice. From 1st phase, in-depth screenplay analysis to longer running, personal script coaching – always thorough, yet respectful – in four different languages.

Gloworm Film is based in Amsterdam and works globally, currently coaching (screen)writers, directors and producers in – among others – the Netherlands, UK, US, Greece and Chile.

We warmly invite you contact us for detailed information on fees and services, and to discuss your specific aims and wishes for your project.

Still: short film 'Sale' | Copyright Dinand van der Wal