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Sintel, written by Esther Wouda, is a 15 minute animation short realized by the Amsterdam Blender Institute by an international team of artists and developers. Since the web release of Sintel on September 30th 2010, the film is a phenomenal success, reaching over a million views (and counting...) in just 4 days.

Sintel is an epic fantasy short about a young girl who befriends a wounded baby dragon. When it gets kidnapped, she sets out on a dangerous quest.

Director: Colin Levy
Screenplay & Lyrics: Esther Wouda
Producer: Ton Roosendaal

Check out Sintel on YouTube (watch in HD!) or download for free (various formats and subtitles) at the official Sintel movie site.

Quotes for Sintel:

'A Powerful and Tragic Masterpiece' (IMDb) 'Dark but Stunning Fantasy-Short' (IMDb) 'Sintel sets the Standard' (front page Dutch newspaper Parool)

Still: 'Sintel' | Copyright: released under Creative Commons
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